Sign Ups are Open!

23 September 2017 09:40
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It's not Sunday, the 24nd in my neck of the woods yet, but it's the 24nd in some places, so: let's get to it, shall we?


Things to keep in mind:
- Please, please, please: include any squicks and DNWs in the optional details box of your sign up as well as any prompts you might have. If you've written a letter that includes this, feel free to link it, but at the very least include your DNWs in the optional details box.
- You must make at least 3 separate requests and 4 separate offers. You may make a total of 20 offers and 20 requests.
- If the tag you want to select doesn't show in the drop down box on the sign-up form, please go to the tagset, find it, and copy/paste it in. This is a known bug for AO3 and it's an unfortunate and annoying one.
- Be mindful of which additional tags you are selecting. Only choose the ones you would like to receive a gift for or can create for.
- You are signing up to create a written work that is at least 1000 words in length, a piece of finished art that is at least 500,000 total pixels in size or a vid that is at least 1:30 in length that matches with at least one of the ships your recip requested. It does not have to be the one you matched them on.
- You may edit your sign up until sign ups close next Sunday, October 1st at 5PM PST barring any emergencies.

If you still have questions or you'd like to read a more in-depth discussion of the above, please see this link (disregard the dates, as they apply to last year's exchange):

Aaaaaand nominations are closed!

22 September 2017 18:01
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Thank you to everyone who made this year even bigger and better than last year. To see the tagset in all its glory, go here. I'll be spending this evening and the rest of this weekend making sure everything is good. If you notice anything amiss, please feel free to let me know in a comment here, a private DW PM to spookykingdomstarlight, or via the swrarepairs tumblr.

Nominations Close at 6PM PST

22 September 2017 16:35
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Get your last minute nominations in now! Find the tagset here and the spreadsheet here.

Here’s a countdown for you!

Happy nominating! And then we’ll see you on Sunday for sign-ups!

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If you’ve still got ships you’d like to get into the tagset, now is the time because nominations close on Friday evening PST sometime after 5PM.  If you’d like to see what’s already been nominated, there’s a spreadsheet here. And if you’d like to nominate some ships yourself, please go here.

Additionally, there’s a Discord server for the exchange and for general Star Wars rare pairs chatter. Check it out here.

All Sign-Ups (aka CSV?)

21 September 2017 13:11
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There is a problem with the CSV for Trick or Treat.  I can't download it.  For those who don't know, AO3 generates a spreadsheet with all the sign-ups that mods can access.  The people waiting to make spreadsheets of the AO3 sign-ups have been waiting for it.  I have been in contact with AO3 support but it sounds like this might not be fixable in time for this exchange.

To help out, and ensure that those that didn't post letters can be easily searched for as well, I made a google doc with all the sign-ups on the AO3 side.  This was done fast and quick.  It does not contain any letter links.  I have allowed commenting so that people can add links to their letters and any others that they know of.  Don't abuse the commenting or I will turn it off.

I am a bit rushed right now, so the livejournal post will go up later.

Feel free to use this in whatever way you want for making any other documents to help participants.

Google Doc Link

EDIT: I have good news and bad news.  So the underlying issue is still unknown.  However, an AO3 database person was able to get me the CSV file and it was emailed to me.  I will be sending it to the people that requested it for working on spreadsheets with the emails and offers removed.  The bad news is that it did some pretty funky stuff to some of the tags.

レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット | Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette
文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs

It mostly seems to be fandoms with characters not used in English in the tag.

Pinch Hit List

19 September 2017 00:40
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All pinch hits will be posted to this group.  As well as put in the comments of this post.  You can email me at, comment on this post, PM me, or contact me any other way you can to claim.  Make sure you include your AO3 account name.  You don't need to be signed up to claim.

Sign-Ups are Clossed

18 September 2017 20:01
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The sign-ups glows white on the computer tonight
Not a pinch hit to be seen.
A kingdom of tags and offers,
and it looks like I'm PumpkinKing
The AO3 is howling cause Yuletide's also running now
Couldn't leave them open;
Heaven knows it's time
Don't leave it open,
don't let them see
Be the good mod you always have to be
Hit close, don't feel,
don't let them know
Well now they know
Close sign-ups, close sign-ups
Can't wait for it anymore
Close sign-ups, close sign-ups
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
if they're a pinch hit
Let AO3 match them.
Being a pinch hit never bothered me anyway
tldr: Sign-ups are closed

Nomination Update and Note

17 September 2017 17:32
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We've already reached an incredible milestone of 500 nominated ships and there's still almost the whole week left. I am stunned and amazed with the enthusiasm. Please keep it coming. You can find the tagset here and the organized nomination list here.

Just a note: Jessika Pava/Rey was nominated. At this time, it sits at 239 works on AO3 that are over 1000 words, completed, and in English. Therefore, it's being allowed in. So if you're wondering why a ship that might end up over the rarity requirement, that's why.

Thanks so much, everyone! And please continue nominating! Then sign-ups will begin on September 24.

Sign-Ups Closing in one day

17 September 2017 13:04
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Sign-ups close at 23:59 Zulu time on Monday. 

Remember that the optional tags field is only for adding additional character tags that are already in the tagset.  They must be identical to the tags in the tagset to work. 

Nominations are open!

14 September 2017 16:41
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It is Friday, the 15th somewhere on this Earth and someone—and by someone, I mean me—is excited to get this thing going. And so I am happy to say:

Nominations are now open!

And once you're done there, check out the nominations spreadsheet here.

A few reminders:

- This year, the rarity requirement is 250 or fewer completed works of over 1000 words in English.
- You may nominate 20 relationships.
- All corners of Star Wars are welcome! Saga, Disney EU, Legends EU, all of it. Crossovers of every stripe are also welcome. As long as at least one character in the ship is from some Star Wars property or other, you're good.
- Please nominate all ships under Star Wars - All Media Types fandom. Last year, I created an organized list separated by trilogy, flavor of EU, and whether it was a crossover. I'll be doing the same this year, though it will be on a viewable spreadsheet rather than on the comm proper. You can find the link to it above.
- Like last year, Ben Solo will not be considered a separate entity from Kylo Ren for the purpose of this exchange. Therefore, I will be judging whether a Kylo/Ben ship is eligible based on the umbrella of the Ben Solo | Kylo Ren tag. However, as with last year, Darth Vader will be treated as a separate entity from Anakin Skywalker.
- Selfcest ships and moresomes are allowed. In the case of selfcest moresomes, though, the ship minus the duplicated character(s) must be eligible, too.
- For more in-depth discussion of the above, see the nomination guidelines post from last year. It goes into more details on the above reminders. You can find it here.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up for the tagset this year! Nominations will not close before 5PM PST on September 22. Sign ups will then begin no later than 12PM PST on September 24 barring an emergency.

Character Matching in Trick or Treat

13 September 2017 22:45
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Character matching does not work in Trick or Treat the same way as it does in Yuletide.  Yuletide is an AND exchange, where the offer has to match every requested character.  Trick or Treat is an OR exchange where the offer only has to match a single requested character.

Visual explanation )

Training Exercises

12 September 2017 18:02
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Last year, we had a whole slew of community challenges and I would like to do them again, but I'm all tapped out on good ideas, so here's where you come in:

If you have any ideas for challenges you'd like to see happen this year, comment on this post and it may get added to the list.

Sign-ups are now open.

11 September 2017 16:31
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Tagset | Letters | Collection

I have allowed additional tags for those that want to request/offer more than ten characters per fandom. Make sure you copy and paste them exactly from the tagset to insure that you can be matched.

Your Do Not Wants must be in your AO3 sign-up. If they are only in your letter then I cannot enforce them.

Contact me if there are any issues.

Letters Post

11 September 2017 14:37
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I’m in the process of doing the last few things before opening sign-ups.  AO3 has been extremely slow when working on tagsets since the Jolly Competition opened nominations.  Just be a little more patient.


If you have written a letter for this exchange you can post it on the Dreamwidth or Livejournal versions of this post.


Here is a spreadsheet.  I am not running it.  This is being done by [personal profile] daken .  If you have any issues with it contact them.  I’m just sharing the link.

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